Law and order in the society is a guiding principle that stabilizes every running government. It is also a form of unity that brings together the law-abiding citizens of a nation and punishes lawbreakers. The foundation of authority is firstly found freely by the consent of citizens. This principle lies at the heart of every representative. Most governments in the world are democratic, which means it is an elected government. This shows that people entrusted the government which consists of the legislature that makes law; this kind of trust is important as the law that is has a lot of impact to the subjects which are the trustees. Like a temporal bone, the law and order provide a balance which creates calmness in the society. It also equalizes pressure between individuals` and government

The Principle of Honesty

The love song seen from the Prufrock shows the writer sacrificing to go through tough moments for him to get to his loved one. He goes through the desert persevering strong sun rays and entire hostility of the desert for the purpose of achieving his goal; seeing his loved one. For law and order to be created in every government sacrifice must be made. Sometimes leaders who have greed for wealth and power and self-motivated are elected to the government; this brings most of the things to a standstill. This is where patience and sacrifice are required for this kind of government to be done away with. A good government that enforces law and order in the right way is guided by the principle of honesty and integrity and sometimes this may not be true.

Peace comes with the Government’s interpretation

The temporal bone requires the support of other bones like the sphenoid bone for it to perform its functions; so as government. When people come out to support the government agenda with vigor then all the processes will be easy. Temporal bone covers the most important part of human body that is the brain; therefore, it does its duty well by providing necessary security from an external force that may bring damage to the brain. The government also deals with the most vulnerable species on earth and therefore keenness is required.

The government is up to the task of providing security to its subjects where necessary, laws enacted should be favorable and not harmful. The writer of the love song clearly outlined fundamental orders of Connecticut; time for visions and missions, time for all works and days of hands, time to murder and create. This is also applicable to law-abiding citizens, sometimes is important to kill the self-motivated behavior of every government and create an integral government that performs. The unity of government and its subjects creates a conducive environment to development and prosperity, peace being an overall by-product.

The sanity of human beings is articulated to the temporal bone so as government. Also, a well-structured government is as a result of good citizens that have good dreams for their nation. Let us all stand to build a good, firm and stable government.

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